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Kangatraining combines a safe post-natal workout with a supportive, uplifting mothers group to give you the ultimate pick-me-up experience.

Your precious baby is kept close as part of the workout, on the floor, in your arms and in a comfortable baby carrier where they will likely have a little nap right where they love to be- by your heart.

Experience the Ultimate babywearing workout at Kangatraining
Post Natal Safe exercises

Kangatraining is a low impact full body workout designed with the post natal body in mind. With a focus on rebuilding the core and pelvic floor we will increase our strength, flexibility and fitness.

All abilities can be catered for with variations available for all exercises in case of previous injury or strain. You are in charge of the intensity of your workout.

Our cardio component is dancing but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a dancer to join us, accidental solos are always welcome. We will also work on our legs and arms, trust me, sometimes these are the harder tracks!

You're in good hands

All Kangatrainers are trained by midwives, babywearing experts and physiotherapists to ensure you receive the best workout you can while keeping you and your baby safe and comfortable.

All participants are assessed for Diastasis Recti (separation of the tummy muscles) before their first session to ensure they are given the correct exercises to rebuild and strengthen the core.

Our babywearing guidelines ensure you and your baby are comfortable and supported optimally for all our movement and bubs development. Approved carriers are available to hire and purchase.

A great chance to meet some new friends

No matter how many babies you may have, being a parent can be lonely. Kangatraining offers a relaxed, supportive Mother’s Group environment with a chance to catch up and chat before, during and after each session.

Everyone is welcome at Kangatraining, exercise is a great way to boost your mental health with a wonderful natural endorphin boost. If you have a friend or groups of mum’s you would like to come with, please do!

Committing to come for the term can help you pull through the tough time and hit the reset button with people who understand what you are going through. Remember – this too shall pass.

Limited time offer: your first class for only $10
Free carrier hire on request
From $15 per week

1 Session - Kanga or Kids

From $25 per week

2 sessions- Kanga, Tiny or Midi

From $32 per week

Unlimited- any mix of Kanga and Kids

Birth Mums will need to be at least 6 weeks post vaginal or 12 weeks post C-section to participate, this is best practice to ensure you have completely healed inside and out. You can continue to Kanga with us for as long as you are comfortable- you will build the muscles and strength to carry older children as you train.

Most Kanga Suitable carriers can hold children up to 15 or 20 kgs, or even more for toddler carriers.

You can use your own carrier if it meets our guidelines and hire carriers are available on request for a small fee.

Kangatraining sessions do include a floorwork section- you will need a yoga mat and a long thin scarf (not stretchy, a large muslin can work). There are a very limited number of hire mats and scarves available.

Going barefoot at Kangatraining is ideal, however if you prefer you can wear joggers or sneakers. Socks only are not suitable as they are a slip hazard.

You will also need to bring your usual baby supplies and your water bottle. Wear comfortable workout clothes.

Our timetable is based around the NSW school terms, which is usually blocks of 10 or 11 weeks. You can join at any stage during the term subject to availability.

Flexible arrangements can be made due to returning to work mid term or as needed. Please just let me know so we can work something out for you. 

Bookings and payments are made through Studio Bookings once you have completed the registration form.